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"Do Everything in Love" 


Kizzy Kittrell Dogan, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of T&G Commercial Cleaning, LLC, Founder of Love Circle Inc, Author of Thirteen: Lessons for Every Teen Girl's Journey to Womanhood, Contributor to, Workshop Facilitator, and Keynote Speaker. Kizzy transforms and empowers teen girls to discover their purpose, passion, and superpowers as The Teen Girl Mentor. 

Kizzy is a results-driven leader whose success is marked by steadiness, ethics, optimism, and fun. She has provided countless hours of business development and professional mentorship as a successful entrepreneur. 


Kizzy proudly sits on the St. Margaret's Achievers Toastmasters International Executive Board and volunteers with the Youth Leadership Program. She advocates for second chances, is a conference and seminar enthusiast, pizza connoisseur, and lover of all things extravagant. Kizzy is hugely passionate about inspiring, motivating, and fostering the best qualities in everyone.


Kizzy is a native Washingtonian and a mother of three sons. Although she prides herself on being a loud sports mom, she equally enjoys driving her sons mad with her unapologetic partiality to girls.




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Book Store

Book Store


Lessons for Every Teen Girl's Journey to Womanhood

Thirteen was written to motivate, inspire, and empower young girls to speak up freely and truthfully, feel free to show up as their authentic selves, and learn how to articulate their feelings without the fear of being misunderstood, ignored, rejected, unseen or unheard.



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by Kizzy Kittrell Dogan

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AT 13, I Wish I Knew ...

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My Truth is
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Love Circle Inc


Love Circle INC (LCI) serves grieving males and females from all social-economic backgrounds in the Washington Metropolitan Area that lost a parent before adulthood. Our support is offered at no cost and is available to our members until the age 26. Our peer grief support programs, resources, training, and consultation services enable grieving children and their families a chance to rebound after a parent's death. Our services restore hope, provide stability, and help children cope as they navigate life without their parents (primarily their sole provider and central support system). 

LCI helps grieving families to navigate change and disruption after a parent's death by being a roadmap and filling in the gaps to help youth stay on track and work towards achieving their goals.

We exist because we know firsthand about the trauma, devastation, and paralyzing grief that comes before and after a parent's death. We also understand the tremendous need for family support, financial assistance, mentorship, counseling, guidance, love, and much more after a parent's death.


OUR MISSIOn, core values, and Commitment

Our Mission is to nurture, offer stability, provide resources, and contribute positively so that each Love Circle Inc. youth grows to become whole, healthy, and productive citizens.


Our Core Values: Passion, Trust, Community, and Commitment


  • Our Passion allows us to foster the best qualities in everyone.

  • With Trust, everyone will feel seen and heard.

  • Our sense of Community guides us in creating a safe and loving environment that allows youth the freedom to live boldly, confidently, and authentically.

  • With Commitment, our members not only survive adolescence but thrive beyond adolescence into adulthood.

Founders Commitment: Kizzy's experience allows her to empathize, advocate, and serve the youth with LCI's Mission and Core Values at the forefront. Particularly young girls, with passion and determination. I am committed to mentoring and transforming young people into their best versions.


As The Teen Girl Mentor and Author of Thirteen: Lessons to Every Teen Girls Journey to Womanhood, Kizzy empowers girls to dream big and have high aspirations. She is passionate about helping girls discover their passion, purpose, and superpowers early so they can live purpose-driven lives. Her goal is to ensure girls never feel hopeless, unworthy, lost, or abandoned; instead, they develop positive and healthy relationships and become fearless leaders, goal-oriented, and excellent role models.




love grows here
Love Circle INC is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Mission Charity Organization

Love Circle Inc

"Work Hard Daily At Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Already Taken"



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